Moss Brook Growers

Mid-Summer Update

After a pretty disastrous season last year, it’s been a lovely feeling to be doing a lot of harvesting. We’ve had spinach, perpetual spinach, and radishes so far already. There’s also been fresh garlic, which is at the end of it’s season now, and a variety of lettuces, including green and red batavias and oakleafs.

Still, this season has not been without it’s trials. After a never-ending supply of rain last year this year has been tremendously dry! While the plants still seem to managing somehow some things are looking mighty thirsty, especially the celery. Fortunately, the lack of rain has slowed the weeds down and our we’ve got plenty more lettuce and perpetual spinach on the way, and our beetroot and kale are coming along surprisingly well.  Unfortunately, some of our fertility-building green manures haven’t germinated well and we’ll likely need to re-sow, assuming we get some rain!

Generally, though, the sunshine has kept us in high spirits, despite the constant little struggles that are inherent when you’re at the mercy of the weather.

We’re also very proud of Manchester Veg People who exceeded their crowdfunding target of £16,000! We’d like to thank everyone who supported them and are excited to see the cooperative grow.

We’ve still got planting to do, and are still deeply engaged in our never-ending struggle with dockweeds, which sometimes seem to be invading the site endlessly.

Foodlink NW has made this short video of us planting kale which you can see below and we hope you’ll find amusing. If you’re interesting in volunteering for us, please use our contact form to get in touch – we’ve got a lot of work to do and can always use some help!