Early Summer Update

As we approach the longest day of the year we find ourselves at our busiest. Everything is happening now: planting, sowing, weeding, irrigating and harvesting, all at the same time! Just as well the days are long…

It’s been a slow start to the season (officially the coldest spring for 50 years), and our harvesting is at least a month behind schedule. It’s also been very dry – on the one hand it’s great to be able to get our tractors onto the fields (what a comparison to last year…), but on the other hand we’ve had to spend a lot of time and money irrigating.

We’re mid-way through planting and sowing, with a lot of crops in the ground already: 60,000 leeks, 4,000 celery, 5,000 lettuces, 3,000 squash, and over an acre of beetroot and spinach. The first crop to make it through the cold spring is radish, and soon enough we should have fresh garlic, lettuce and true spinach ready to sell. Having spent so much time growing the crops it’s a great feeling to finally start harvesting again – great to have some income again too!

We’d also like to ask you to support Manchester Veg People, the co-op we sell produce through. They are running a Crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for new equipment which is much needed if the business is to grow. Please donate! Anything from a fiver will help the cause!