July / August

Full-on busy days at the moment, as we get the last of our plants in the ground, and try to stay on top of watering and weeding all the other crops. The story of the year so far is, firstly, the mild winter leading to a sluggy start to our spring plantings. We normally rely on some heavy winter frosts to keep slug populations in check but the frosts never came. So we struggled in May and early June, with quite a lot of broccoli and squash plants getting eaten. All our celery got slugged too but it seems to be growing back, on its second life.

Otherwise, the season has so far been dominated by dry sunny weather (apart from May), which has meant our irrigation system has been working overtime. We don’t know where we’d be without it. The slugs don’t like the sun, but the plants love it, and as long as we’ve got enough water to hand we can slog away through the long days.

Peak busy-ness means it’s a great time to come along and get stuck in with us, so if you’re up for volunteering please get in touch!